BUT YOU COULD HAVE STOMPED IT: Popping A Roll Of Bubble Wrap With A Giant Pneumatic Press

April 10, 2012


This is a pneumatic press popping a giant roll of bubble wrap. I liked it. I especially liked how some bubbles were all, "OH HELL NO, YOU AIN'T POPPIN' ME!" and held out for as long as they could like popcorn kernels. You ever been in a crowded elevator and have to pass gas but clench your buttcheeks together real tight so you don't, but in the end it comes blowing through your o-ring with such force it actually ruffles the woman's dress standing behind you? It's exactly like that. "It's nothing like that." Okay it's a LITTLE different.

Hit the jump for the most cathartic thing I've seen all day.

Bubble Wrap Vs. Industrial Press [geekosystem]

Thanks to Shane, which I live my life in. "Shane, with an N -- not M." See?

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