Bloom Chips: The Future Of Pringle Can Technology

April 26, 2012


Who eats paper chips?!

This is the conceptual Bloom Chip potato chip container. It may look like a regular-ass Pringles can, but when the paper band is removed, oh boy, it BLOOMS into a shape that makes the chips more easily accessible. Granted it would only be practical for single-serving cans because otherwise when you try folding it back up it'll crush the shit out of your chips and you're gonna wind up with nothing but chip fragments. *punching laptop* I F***ING HATE CHIP FRAGMENTS. And if it is only useful for single serving cans you don't need something that blooms because those cans are already small enough to fit your fingers all the way to the bottom of. Besides, what good is a Pringles can you can't wear as an aboriginal penis gourd when you're finished? SPOILER: worthless.

Thanks to Luke, who told me Pringles taste like ass. And you know what? He was right.

  • Not anything you enter with your penis will take in your fist either. Well, mine doesn't match a regular Pringles can, so warm welcome to that bowl. Been waiting for it all my life.

  • Stephen Rollmann

    Regular-ass Pringles? Who wants to eat ass Pringles? Ew.

  • Marcus Como

    And you thought Pringles cans made good wifi antennas BEFORE...

  • Why do the chips look like they're made out of brown paper?


  • Stephanie Garrett Rainey

    That still looks awesome.  It could be used as a pencil or crayon container for kids.

  • You could get two and pretend you're Madonna.

  • bonus lamp shade.

  • Guest

    This could also be a fancy desktop trash bin or a hat.

  • Guest

    It seems that Pringles has been dating Jiffy Pop in the past year.

  • qwerpy


  • dijital101

    "penis gourd"?

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