Best Coverup EVER: Guy Gets Edward Cullen 'Twilight' Tattoo On Bet, Gets Covered With Badass 'Hook' Rufio

April 12, 2012


HAHA -- not so immortal after all, are you, Edward?! Per Geekologie Reader Kylie:

OK, so this guy I used to know recently made a deal with his friend that they would choose each other's tattoos and they would each get theirs while being blindfolded. He took his blindfold off to see this -- Edward, from Twilight! Yikes! So later he had it covered up with RUFIOOOO!

OH HELL YES. I asked my little lady to turn the pictures into an animated gif, but the angles make it look like there's a colored part in Edward that doesn't appear in Rufio. Like I said, that's just the angle. Great, now I kind of want a Rufio tattoo. "BANGARAAAAAANG!" *crowing* Okay now I f***ing have to have one.

Thanks to Kylie, who obviously knows a good coverup when she sees one (help me bury a body? Also -- what did the other guy get?). And to cocoa for making me the gif so I could spend the last ten minutes watching videos of Hook on Youtube. You know, for research.

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