April Fools': 8-Bit Google Maps, Fake ThinkGeek Products

April 2, 2012


April Fools': the day you remember just how lame all your friends are.

I'm kind of glad April Fools' fell on a weekend this year because I didn't get duped into posting anything that was fake not knowing it. But is that gonna stop the exact same thing from happening today? Absolutely not -- I'm dumber than two rocks trying to talk a stick into a threesome (hold out for a dirt clump, dummies!). This is Google's April Foolery, an 8-bit version of Google Maps in the style of the Nintendo's Dragon Quest. It's worth checking out HERE for a minute or two. After the jump I included a quick rundown of ThinkGeek's more worthwhile fake products from this year (Admiral Ackbar talking Billy Bass plaque, inflatable Star Trek captain's chair, Skyrim hoodie and Minecraft Creeper marshmallow Peeps), all of which will undoubtedly see production because what good is April Fools if you can't milk it for some free market research? There, I'm done talking about it -- no more April Fools. *updates Facebook status to 'DEAD', waits for sympathy to roll in* Aaaaaaany minute now.

Hit the jump and get your fake on.





8-Bit Google Maps

Thanks to Evil Ares, Pesche, Tyler D., beebs, Grimace 8508, Quintin, Smooth Moose, Ben S. and dunc, who only see in 16-bits. Me? I see through two toilet paper tubes taped together pretending they're binoculars.

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