Alfred Hitchcock Movies As Nintendo Game Box-Art

April 4, 2012


This is very small series from artist Joe Spiotto of Alfred Hitchcock movies imagined as Nintendo game box art. Unfortunately he only did three of them (Psycho, Birds, North by Northwest) and didn't include my favorites like Vertigo, Rebecca, Dial M For Murder and Rear Window. Still, I assume there's somebody out there who thinks these things are the tits. Really hoping that person is you.

Hit the jump for the other two.



Joe's Blog
Alfred Hitchcock Movies as Nintendo Games [laughingsquid]

Thanks to bb, who agrees the best box art is on children's cereal. Share a bowl?

  • cuthbert51

    I won't say Rebecca sucks (it doesn't), but it's massively overrated. Look for masterpieces like Rope, Lifeboat, The 39 Steps, Strangers On A Train (actually, slightly overrated, but still great) or Man Who Knew Too Much. There are another half-dozen other movies better than Rebecca not listed.

    And, 8bitNES is right. It may sound funny, but these are too detailed for good NES art. The biggest problems have been identified by others already, but really have to do with diagonals and block orientation.

    Look at the wings of the plane in NXNW. They are not oriented in squares on the same axis as the rest of the box art. Or at least the same as the parts that are done (more) right. I won't even mention the embarassment that is the propeller blades... though I guess I just did.

    Note: I know this isn't an exact law of the things, and that the originals don't follow exact grid formats (looking at Super Mario Bros for example, the toe of the foot does not align with the bricks of the background behind it, or even the fireball right next to it. More to the point, Mario as a whole is at an angle. But interacting with layers and backgrounds is much trickier), but much, much closer and not so much of a reliance on.

    Also, a key problem is the size of the pixels. They're theoretically too small, if the design is to make sense. Again with NXNY, this time look at Cary Grant, especially his eyebrows. For them to live in the same pixel world as his hair, those are massively small pixels and/or a massive number of pixels needed for just the sideburns. Even more extreme is the "single pixel" grouping for the shirt, around the buttons.

    Overall, these are a disaster from start to finish.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Psycho is the best. The others look silly. Really? Diagonal pixels?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    It's so bad it's bad...

  • Ry Keener

    Diagonal pixels? Try again.

  • Pixelated Pope

    Everyone who is hating on the "Diagonal Pixels" needs to go take a second look at the original Mario Brothers' box art.

  • cuthbert51

    Everyone is right, kinda. But wording it wrong.

    Yes, the originals had diagonal pixel patterns, but still square blocks. Look at the wings of NXNW's plane. Not right.

  • Isaac King

    Not that Great... Have they seen a Nintendo game before?

  • Kill_Me_Now

    I just went boom boom 

  • Khal Enriquez

    Damn. Second.

  • 8bitNES

    These are actually pretty terrible compared with other NES box art parodies out there. You can tell the person that made them has no understanding of pixel art at all. 

    Oh and FIRST!!!

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