$650 iPhone Case Can Allegedly Stop .50-Caliber Round

April 17, 2012


This is a $650 bulletproof iPhone case from Japanese manufacturer Marudai that can allegedly stop a .50-caliber round (but only from the rear). Unfortunately there's no PROOF it can stop a .50-caliber round, since they didn't bother making a video. So you're gonna just have to ASSUME. And assuming, my dear reader, is how you bleed to death after daring a friend to shoot you in the pocket. Did I mention the thing weighs 4.6-pounds (2.1kg)? Your little arms will never be able to hold that up to your ear! Besides, if you need an iPhone case that can stop a .50-caliber bullet, you've got bigger problems. Namely, a laser dot on your head. No sniper worth his weight in ear necklaces is gonna shoot you in the f***ing phone!

Hit the jump for a ton more product shots because I took the time to edit them while I was chugging coffee.







Product Site
A 'bulletproof' iPhone: Japanese firm unveils 'indestructible' steel case 'that can resist a .50 caliber round' [dailymail]

Thanks to chaygavvara, who heard there was a price on your head but offered to do it for free because you're such a jerk.

  • meh... fuck bullets... lets see if it survives a BLENDER!

  • If you happen to be in a place where you need to protect your music player with a bullet-proof case, you should probably take the ear-buds off anyway.

  • Entropy Designs

    i think taping your phone to an actual brick or flat stone of some kind would probably do exactly the same thing. might be  bit lighter too.

  • Meewok

    No chance any of that will stop a 50, not that this thing proves it can either...

  • Why bother buying any case? You'll just have to replace the phone in 2 months when the new version comes out anyway. 

  • People always shoot at me with those .50 caliber rounds and my iphone is always the one who pays the price but now with that case im all like COME AT ME BRAW.

  • This is the most retarded thing that I have ever seen in my life.

    It doesn't look like it would even fit in your pocket.

    There is no protection over the screen.

    I scews up your camera.

    It weighs over 4lbs.

    I imagine that the force of the bullet hitting the back will still probably crack the screen.

  • I'd be so exited to have one of those in Fallout.

  • Having a friend test this out for you...priceless...in the fact that the life you're going to loose has no price

  • Your humor is priceless, in that it has no value.

    If this starts a flame war I hope I don't "loose" my life!



  • 42

  • Please come up with something original and fix your spelling, grammar and syntax. If you're going to blog, do it right.

  • roll tide

  • I'm going to start a blog that is better than yours and drive you out of business. Because you're a moron and i just finished my last exam. BEST SUMMER EVER!

  • Guest

    oh...this is much bigger than what I have. I have a bullet-proof metal disc the size of a bullet, if you shoot there you will be foiled.



  • If the inside of the camera hole had barrel striations it could give a james bond type effect. Too bad these guys suck.

  • prove it

  • Khal Enriquez


    And just because. People will buy this stuff. I think

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