$650 iPhone Case Can Allegedly Stop .50-Caliber Round

April 17, 2012


This is a $650 bulletproof iPhone case from Japanese manufacturer Marudai that can allegedly stop a .50-caliber round (but only from the rear). Unfortunately there's no PROOF it can stop a .50-caliber round, since they didn't bother making a video. So you're gonna just have to ASSUME. And assuming, my dear reader, is how you bleed to death after daring a friend to shoot you in the pocket. Did I mention the thing weighs 4.6-pounds (2.1kg)? Your little arms will never be able to hold that up to your ear! Besides, if you need an iPhone case that can stop a .50-caliber bullet, you've got bigger problems. Namely, a laser dot on your head. No sniper worth his weight in ear necklaces is gonna shoot you in the f***ing phone!

Hit the jump for a ton more product shots because I took the time to edit them while I was chugging coffee.







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A 'bulletproof' iPhone: Japanese firm unveils 'indestructible' steel case 'that can resist a .50 caliber round' [dailymail]

Thanks to chaygavvara, who heard there was a price on your head but offered to do it for free because you're such a jerk.

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