3-Minutes Of Reporters Saying Things They Shouldn't

April 18, 2012


Note: NSFW language, just put your headphones in and pretend you're catching up on the news.

So it's only mid-April and already we've got a 2012 blooper reel of reporters accidentally saying penis, hooters and boner on-air. Wow, these people might actually suck at their jobs as bad as I do. The only difference? "You say all those things on purpose." *wink*

Hit the jump for the FCC fines in action.

News Anchor Fail Compilation 2012 [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Nick, who agrees there should be more cussing in the news because it would make the anchors more believable.

  • FruityOatyBars

    The awkward silence after "soy jizm" is priceless.

  • Cr1mson3lbow

    mmmmm "soy jizm"..... lmao

  • Keep fucking that chicken

  • Hahahah, great stuff

  • So this is what every reporter is thinking about!

  • Lotsa horny people giving the news these days!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    That guy with the "tender chicken" line must've wanted to get fired because that wasn't a slip at all.

    I also *did* enjoy watching the lips sink...


  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Awesome! But some of  these are clearly older, given the hair and graphics they use, and the laugh track playing that shows it was played on some show before.

  • Guest

    I'm adding this to my YouTube favorites...this is just too crazy!

  • 0:40 yesssss

  • This is the best thing the Internet has given me in days.

  • More pussy than he can handle " aaaaahahahahahahahahahha xD

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