20-Billion Matches: Halo Gameplay Stats From Bungie

April 2, 2012


Note: This isn't the whole graphic, click HERE to see the whole thing and prepare to have your mind blown with numbers containing so many commas I thought they were sentences (I failed math AND English).

These are the Halo franchise's gameplay statistics according to Bungie. Almost 21-billion matches have been played with over 235,182 YEARS of combined playtime logged. That...is f***ing nuts. "Plus a waste of productivity." I prefer to think of it as nuts. "Waste." Nuts. "Waste." You know what those crackpots say about violence in video games, right? "Yeah that they make kids more likely to--" *STAB STAB STAB*

Reach Online [bungie]

Thanks to Will and Alizaria, who agree video games actually make people less violent because it helps you release your anger instead of yelling at people on the bus like I used to do.

  • ehm, impressive statistiks, but...how is that possible? "halo playtime in hours: 2060196113" divided by 24 (so roughly 85841504 days) divided by 365...is ~235182 years? could also be me who is to dumb for using a calculator right

  • Man I remember LAN parties before and then the first day Xbox Live came out....shoot I even remember that big ass mic for online gaming on the DreamCast! 

  • artilleryboy


  • Raph Bingham

    I contributed way more hours to this infographic and Halo 3 than I care to admit, lol.

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