11 Skyscrapers Built From 15.5-Million LEGO Blocks

April 9, 2012


This is a small gallery of some of the world's tallest skyscrapers (plus some other buildings) built out of 15.5-million LEGO bricks by Adam Reed Tucker, one of the world's eleven LEGO Certified Professionals. I'm not sure what it takes to become a certified professional, but my guess is NOT build a LEGO pirate ship and try to sink it in the bathtub with your penis. That was pretty pro of me though. Plus I tooted and the whole bath bubbled like a bong! Then it stunk real bad and I had to get out (I wasn't even pruney!).

Hit the jump for some shots of the other buildings.





Massive skyscrapers lovingly rebuilt using 15 million Lego blocks [dvice]

Thanks to Rodney, who once eleven skyscrapers out of a single LEGO block. Now that -- that might be even more impressive.

  • cuthbert51

    Show the very first ones he did: The World Trade Center towers in NYC. Was when all the LEGOs were just a  pile on the floor.

  • Tom Cooke

    No CN Tower? fail.

  • dragontech64
  • V_Ferg

    I would pay good money if LEGO actually released these in stores.

  • rikster81

    I would pay good money for a godzilla custome and just show up there to stand and stare at those buildings

  • Reginald Aurelius Smythe III

    What, no Gherkin?

  • No pictures of destruction? I'm disappointed.

  • Guest

    Lego's are indeed one of the few toys for all ages. These are some pretty impressive sculptures. :D

  • n11

    Where's the CN Tower?! Why is it always left out?

  • cuthbert51

    It's in Canada. Doesn't count.

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