You're Giving Me The Sads: Stair Elevator For Fat Dogs

March 29, 2012


Seen here depressing the hell out of me, Chunky takes a ride on the world's first stair elevator designed for overweight dogs. Wait -- CHUNKY? That's like a self fulfilling prophecy! *makes note to name son Richen Handsome McTakecareofdadwhenhe'sold*

Although it is still in the prototype phase manufacturers hope the £5,000 [~$8,000] doglift will be be taken on by a big company and developed for a growing market.

The machine has been made with mutts in mind as it features a special 'paw push' start button situated close enough to the ground for the animal to reach with an outstretched leg.

Pets can clamber into the plastic basket which then raises several feet off the floor before carrying the four-legged passenger up the stairs.

I dunno, for $8,000 you could probably hire a personal trainer to get your dog in shape instead of contributing to the problem. Besides, who wants to drop that much money on a pet elevator that's only gonna get a year of use anyway? I'm terrible, I get it.

Hit the jump for several more worthwhile shots of Chunky's ride to that great big Milkbone factory in the sky.




No more walkies for pedigree bums as World's first dog stairlift is developed [dailymail]
World's First Dog Stairlift [incrediblethings]

Thanks to Medusa Nebula and beebs, who walk their dogs and don't feed them cheese.

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