WTF: Urine Iron Man In Toilet 'Sculpture' Wins Art Show

March 20, 2012


I don't know if there's too much iron in your diet or what but that dude looks RUSTY.

This is a picture of a toilet with urine in it shaped like Iron Man's face. It won top prize in a recent Taiwanese art show, which makes sense. Get it? Because going pee is #1. You hear that, doodoo? You will always be #2! Apparently the student came up with the idea for the piece after finding blood in his urine one day instead of going to the doctor. Art students, ladies and gentlemen!

He first found a toilet with the right bowl shape to make Iron Man's helmet. Then he started to eat pigments to produce red, black and green urine--plus saliva too--to create Iron Man and other works for his exhibit, which he called Blood Urine Man. pretty disgusted right now. And now just because I didn't take a picture of the floater somebody left in the men's room that looked like the Hulk, but come on -- you and I both know that would have at least been worth the bronze.

Hit the jump for a video about the artist and piece which I didn't watch because I'm already ashamed enough about what I've written.

Iron Man Made of Pee Gets Student Top Art Prize [gizmodo]

Thanks to Cline, who once won an art show with a little performance piece he likes to call 'Man Brandishing a Gun and Demanding the Blue Ribbon'.

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