WTF?!: Coors Light To Sell Iced Tea Flavored Beer

March 8, 2012


Because drinking leads to poor decision making and the bigwigs at the Coors Brewing have obviously been swimming in the f***ing beer vats, the company has decided to introduce Coors Light Iced-T, a 4% alcohol tea-flavored beer aimed at people who don't like the taste of beer (children) and southerners. It goes on sale next month and clearance the month after.

Coors Light Iced T, Iced Tea-Flavored Beer [laughingsquid]

Thanks to brian, who doesn't drink tea flavored booze except for that sweet-tea vodka stuff they've got because man, that doesn't even need a mixer -- just a giant f***ing cup and some ice. I smell a BBQ!

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