Wonderful, Cats Are Beating Us At iPad Games Now

March 13, 2012


Granted it's a game specifically designed for you to compete against your cat (or a stray that hisses and tries to bite you if you touch it!), but it's not like the cats came up with it or anything. Created by Friskies and debuted at SXSW, 'You Vs. Cat' is a game you play against your little feline friends. Or, if you don't have a cat, your dog. Your dog will suck though. Your fish? They will just die. Your roommate? He'll just download the 'How to Always Win at You Vs. Your Cat App' and cheat his face off because he's a jerk. Based on the people who have competed against Buddy (above) so far at the convention, the cats are smoking humans 2,091 to 1,250. Me? I'm smoking banana peels because my friend told me they'd get me high. "GW? Those are banana chips." Whole Foods' bananas were all green!

Hit the jump for a shot of Buddy being all braggy and the current scoreboard, but no word on what gameplay actually consists of (but my guess is being willing to lick your own ass).



The First Ever iPad Game You Play Against Your Cat

Thanks to cardbrad, who you may or may yes be able to ship stuff in. Like, I dunno, balloons full of drugs.

  • Guest

    ah felines, you always have your hunting skills well tuned; unlike us humans that aren't really that predatory-- unless there's a sale.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    You wont distract us with funny cats, GW ! That one isn't even BLACK  !!!

  • ReyesRulez

    Look at this faggot posting like nobody notices he went back to the white that his readers already rejected. 

    What a fucking scumbag.

  • reyesblows

    Fuck you, dick-for-brains. He doesn't owe you anything. I hope we both get blocked, and that you kill yourself over it.

  • eventhorizon83

    haha, it's like the race war but with fonts. 

    I'd love geekologie even it if was magenta background with orange type. 

  • $23621751

    please don't give him any ideas

  • cocoa

    that's the spirit!!

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