Where Not To Visit: The US Guide To Dry Counties

March 23, 2012


This is a US map depicting alcohol regulations by county. Some might argue it's the most important map of America since Google Street View, and those people would be 100% correct.

When prohibition lifted almost eighty years ago, many communities (particularly in the Bible Belt) voted to keep alcohol bans in place at the local level. Today, there are still more than 200 "dry" counties nationwide with what most would consider excessively stringent liquor laws. There are even more that remain partially dry (or "moist," to those familiar with the particulars of prohibition legislation).

Also, apparently it's incredibly difficult to gather data in Mississippi. "That's Georgia." Oh -- right. Who knows, maybe they built a giant fence around the state to keep Alabama out. And can you blame them? No. I lived in Alabama for ten years, I get it.

These are the places in America where alcohol is still banned [io9]

Thanks to Arkim, who agrees the best kind of county is a wet one. SOAKING.

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