Where Not To Visit: The US Guide To Dry Counties

March 23, 2012


This is a US map depicting alcohol regulations by county. Some might argue it's the most important map of America since Google Street View, and those people would be 100% correct.

When prohibition lifted almost eighty years ago, many communities (particularly in the Bible Belt) voted to keep alcohol bans in place at the local level. Today, there are still more than 200 "dry" counties nationwide with what most would consider excessively stringent liquor laws. There are even more that remain partially dry (or "moist," to those familiar with the particulars of prohibition legislation).

Also, apparently it's incredibly difficult to gather data in Mississippi. "That's Georgia." Oh -- right. Who knows, maybe they built a giant fence around the state to keep Alabama out. And can you blame them? No. I lived in Alabama for ten years, I get it.

These are the places in America where alcohol is still banned [io9]

Thanks to Arkim, who agrees the best kind of county is a wet one. SOAKING.

  • Karla Harb

    Love California! Specially brunch on Sundays with bottomless mimosas, can't wait to go home. Thanks South for your hospitality

  • If only the entire United States still had democracy that was this granular like was intended by the Constitution until just after WW I.
    U.S. Democracy died before Israel was restored.

  • Lloyd Kennedy

    What a backward , red-necked shithole .

  • elklovers

    I would like to know why there are some blue counties and some yellow counties in PA. All liquor laws in the state come from the LCB. There are some counties that have grocery stores that sell beer and possibly some wine but all "hard" liquor has to be purchased through the state stores. So, back to my question, what differentiates between the yellow and blue counties in PA?

  • I live in Mobile County Alabama.. and yes.. you're right.. it sucks here for the average everyday Gamer/Nerd D: NOW WHERE'S MAH BEER

  • Booyah Boy


  • Pepe Le Pew

    Just Americans

  • Hanadulset

    what's with the random strict one in south dakota?

  • J J

    More Importantly, the fence keeps the Georgian's in. (Well, except Newt Gingrich...damn!)

  • Emmitt Morgans

    If Wisconsin were to even HINT at going dry in any county there'd be a riot and a pile of bodies... just sayin'! (the same thing would probably happen in Minnesota and most other Northern/Midwestern states... Michigan looks like it sucks)

    Looking at the Utah liquor information I would definitely have to say that it sounds like the entire state should be yellow.  You can, however, buy real beer and other alcohol at state-owned stores... otherwise I would have practically counted the state as red (only 4%? you gotta be kidding me!)

    I also don't know why Georgia is grey, but it should be a mix of blue and yellow (depending upon whether or not the county allows the sale of alcohol on Sunday) AFAIK.

  • John Goodson

    Well, GW, the fence helps us keep out Alabama AND Florida.

  • Guest

    That is a lot stricter than I imagined. Thanks for providing the map. oh, and is there a world map?

  • alcohol should be banned for drinking everywhere.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Doesn't everyone just love it when people find it necessary to push their religious beliefs on everyone else?  YAY!

    btw, reading this makes me want a drink (or 10)

  • haha... you don't need to be religious people to understand that alcohol is bad.
    from health and social norm.. I think it's still bad.what is any good thing can be brought with alcohol.. except brain cells deaths and uncontrollable act..?

  • n_a_a_s

     you should be banned from commenting everywhere

  • Lloyd Kennedy

    I agree . What a retard .

  • Margaret McMahan

    Trust me we have booze here in Georgia, We just got rid of no sale on Sunday in most areas!!!!!!

  • Matthew Nuckles

    This is not true,  Utah has a lot of Alcohol controls. Just look at any can of beer you can actually pick up at the store.

  • n_a_a_s

    Ugh, I've learned this lesson the hard way back when I used to tour the south as the 3 legged naked midget once known to many as toadstool

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