What In The?!: INSANE Posed Ant Photography

March 16, 2012


Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov takes insane macro pictures of LIVE ants by spending hours and hours playing with them and posing them to get the perfect shot. I...can't even believe half of them are real. Of course I have zero experience posing ants and have only burnt them with a magnifying glass, so maybe it's actually easier than I thought.

Hit the jump for a smattering of the VERY worthwhile shots, and a link to the entire collection with a ton more.














Artist's Gallery (with a TON more)
Amazing Ant Photography [incrediblethings]

Thanks to bb, who's never ruined a picnic.

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  • I dont think how he got the end results really matters.  Obviously a little photoshop was required but even so its a genius execution and just VERY good technical photography and balance of staging and manipulating his subject, lighting and composition, as well as post editing.  

  • Justice Law

    To be completely honest, I don't give a single care upon how he set up these shots.  But what I do know is that they look amazing.  Amazing show Mr. Pavlov, keep up this wonderful work.

  • Tough guys, wish my aunts could see this

  • microfascination

    This ant photog shows what ant can really do (is it fake with a blue screen? )  I have observed ants in all their glory on the island of jamaica. When people say the only thing that will survive is a
    cockroach a has never watched ants. I could write a book about ants. Their drive and determation
    is never ending. I can not even start to tell you every thing ants can do. I would be willing to share some of the information with you but only the ant photographer. I know some very complex. If the pictures are the real deal all I can say is:  Awesome, incredible, jaw droping, stuff!!!! tbclindak@gmail.com   only the ant guy please.

  • The post says live, but it looks too cartoony. 

  • Abdurahman Ali

    He must've have a lot of time to do this. Its Cool!

  • Oleg Ahundov

    interesting pictures

  • 米 小

    I like it so much .   can I share with my friends?

  • I Thought The Pics Are Spectacularand Beautiful, Many of us don't get to see sll that the common Ant can do, Very Nice. GBY

  • Bart Lindeman

    I really hoped that the 69% in favor for a dark site would be heared, and otherwise there would be a button for my straining eyeballs to click for black....but helas, no such glory yet?

  • lorobird


  • Greg K

    In several shots you can see ants in an aggressive posture, gasters curling up ready to spray formic acid. This indicates that they are very much alive and not always pleased with his meddling =) You can see it quite clearly in the screwdriver bit photo. I'd say he edits them afterward a bit, but the ant postures themselves are quite real.

  • Hyptiotes

    I believe these are probably dead ants. Posed dead ants. To get frozen action on this many live ants requires tons of light--mongo flash or a studio and a fast lens (e.g. 2.8 or lower f stop). The problem with that is that the depth of field shrinks to nothing if you use a lower f-stop--like a couple of millimeters when you are taking macro photos. This means only one of the ants would be in focus. So you can have a frozen image or depth of field but you can't have both UNLESS you have a dead or non-moving subject AND position them in the exact same focal plane. You can also focus stack the images, but this doesn't work if any of the subjects have moved between photos--which is ALWAYS the case with multiple live ants. This is, however, easy to do with dead ants. You can also pose them as you see fit. The only way you can get this many live ants to stand still long enough for a shot AND get them in the same focal plane is either catch them feeding at a common food source that is linearly arranged which none of these ants are doing, or freeze them. In that sense, he could have live--but frozen ants in these photos. You cannot get ants to behave this way naturally. These are still amazing photos, but I suspect that they are more staged than what the photographer is suggesting.

  • TheOtherJK

    What is this!? A photoshoot FOR ANTS!!
    yeah, it is

  • MrFree

    I can't look at these pictures, this site is too bright.

  • Brandon

    he should do some stop motion movie short.

  • Closet Nerd

    If I posted pictures of the thing I "spend hours and hours playing with" I'd have to register as a sex offender..... just sayin

  • lorobird

    How is this clever or funny? Just sayin what, exactly? That you are a rapist? Or that rape is funny? Especially rape of children?

    What the fuck, man, what is the need to turn the conversation into sexual abuse when talking about ANTS? Is it IMPOSSIBLE to have a fucking thread without it degenerating into rape jokes?

    I feel ill.

  • Greg K

     Pretty sure he's just implying he jerks off a lot. Not funny, but harmless. Relax.

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