What Happens In An Internet Minute? SPOILER: A Lot

March 26, 2012


This is an informational graphic from Intel showing some of the things that happen in a single minute of internet time. I was honestly surprised that some figures were as low as they were. Only 20 identities stolen? Those aren't the Nigerian scammers I know! Not included on the list: 80,000 moms forward spam emails, 30 dudes sign into Chatroulette with the intention of showing their dongs, my roommate maxes out our bandwidth downloading porn and brings my internet connection to a crawl, enough Viagra to pop a 1,000-year boner is purchased, and like five million people read Geekologie. "Five-million, really?" You heard me, five-million -- like a five with two zeros.

What Happens in an Internet Minute? [intel]

Thanks to Patty, who heard every four minutes on the internet a man signs up for a dating website as a woman with the sole purpose of seducing himself through his regular profile. Wow, that...sounds strangely erotic.

  • Intersting information about Internet minute.

  • Guest

    Considering how many people today who have network accessing devices, it's no wonder so much data is being uploaded. At a click of a button anything regardless of size or content is really possible to post in an instant.

  • John Archer

    this post made me remember to cancel my credit card before i get paid and someone steals all my money! thanks gw!

  • That's a lot of porn!

    The internetz is for pr0n!

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