We're All Gonna Die!: iPhone Pic From Mayan Ruins Captures Shot Of The Beginning Of The Apocalypse

March 1, 2012


This is an actual photograph taken by Hector Siliezar at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. As you can see, the Mayan's communication lasers have already begun sending signals to the mothership to destroy earth. Well -- it's been real, folks. Reaaaally disappointing.

Of the three images, the 'light beam' only occurs in the image with a lightning bolt in the background. The intensity of the lightning flash likely caused the camera's CCD sensor to behave in an unusual way, either causing an entire column of pixels to offset their values or causing an internal reflection (off the) camera lens that was recorded by the sensor.

Those are the words of Arizona State University's Mars Space Flight Facility researcher Jonathon Hill. He makes perfect sense, as you would expect from a scientist who works for NASA.

Oh suuuuuuure that's what happened. How much were you paid to say that you NASA lackey?! This has conspiracy written all over it -- in red ink no less! "That says CONFIDENTIAL". Whatever, just open the folder. "It's a medical file -- it says 'GW has the biggest peenus'." And? "And there's a picture in crayon of a three-legged alien." Ugh -- that's supposed to be me.

Mayan Pyramid Fires Energy Beam Into the Sky or iPhone Sensor Glitch? YOU PICK! [gizmodo]

Thanks to Al-pocalyse (I see what you did there!), who just sold all his belongings and is gonna have a serious issue if we actually make it to 2013.

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