Website Allows You To Solicit Exes For What Went Wrong In Past Relationships Without Having To Speak

March 8, 2012


Wotwentwrong (SPOILER: your spelling) is a website that allows a person to ask their exes for constructive criticism (without having direct interaction) about what went wrong in your relationship so they can better prepare themselves for their next one. Ooooooooor use the info to try to win them back like a f***ing creeper and wind up with a restraining order. Listen, you want to know what and when went wrong in your last relationship? I'll tell you: Everything, and right from the start. "Yeaaaaaaaah, I'm not sure how that's supposed to help me in my next one." AHAHAHAHAHA @ 'next one'. That's cute -- it's cats for life for you!

Hit the jump for a promo video about Sally who may or may yes have a problem sleeping with guys on the second date and then never hearing from them again.
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Thanks to Rebecca, who agrees the most important thing you can learn from an ex is where they're living now so you can set the apartment complex on fire. Wait, WHAT?!

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