Website Allows You To Solicit Exes For What Went Wrong In Past Relationships Without Having To Speak

March 8, 2012


Wotwentwrong (SPOILER: your spelling) is a website that allows a person to ask their exes for constructive criticism (without having direct interaction) about what went wrong in your relationship so they can better prepare themselves for their next one. Ooooooooor use the info to try to win them back like a f***ing creeper and wind up with a restraining order. Listen, you want to know what and when went wrong in your last relationship? I'll tell you: Everything, and right from the start. "Yeaaaaaaaah, I'm not sure how that's supposed to help me in my next one." AHAHAHAHAHA @ 'next one'. That's cute -- it's cats for life for you!

Hit the jump for a promo video about Sally who may or may yes have a problem sleeping with guys on the second date and then never hearing from them again.
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Thanks to Rebecca, who agrees the most important thing you can learn from an ex is where they're living now so you can set the apartment complex on fire. Wait, WHAT?!

  • mikejackson113

    Oh yeah, there's nothing better than getting a passive-aggressive email from a site where a date or an ex whines about not knowing why you dumped him or her.  That you used a site like this rather than asking directly is probably a big key as to why this happened.

    There's nothing creepy, insane, or stalkerish about this at all. 

  • lorobird

    This is a great idea. That way, every time a potential partner treats me like shit, I can get away asap and then let them know cleanly why he/she was such an arsehole, thus helping him/her not screw up any more relationships. 

    I know that many of us take self-criticism badly, but endless attempts and no results MUST mean something.

  • Mandy86

    How is this any different than just sending an email to someone, except the fact that it's posted through a website and someone else is probably reading it?
    Creepy.The voice over in the commercial is horrible.

  • go find a new love on craigslist

  • Wot went wrong: You looked for love on craigslist.

  • Are people really so desperate? 

  • Jon Hill

    "Wotwentwrong?" I guess you had to use a web page to help drill in the rejection more. This sounds like an Ex vs Ex battle royale.

  • Anyone that uses this is likely guilty of being socially inept/ awkward and likely not very self aware.

  • $18922249

    Just in case you want to start dating a sociopath... 

  • Medali Castro

    YES! Find love by changing absolutely everything about yourself! Sounds like a plan. 

  • That's like a customer survey! Oh no, that's not creepy - nor does it make it feel like your a company (Prostitutes R Us).
    Any way I already know why all my exs dumped me - I'm a crazy bitch.
    And I found out the old fashioned way - by breaking into their houses in the night, tying them up and torturing it out of them.

  • Wot went wrong: You are unaware of social norms and need tact.

  • Moon

    Whats wrong with the old ways I email asking what went wrong we get in a fight I call her a crazy bitch 30 times, she threatened me with the police. I called her a crazy bitch again. We never speak again.

    So what I figured was....she is a crazy bitch. Works for me.

  • Wot went wrong: You are controlling and abusive and use the "Projection" coping mechanism to deal with your own wrong actions.

  • lol i can just see the face on my exp girl friends faces.. Sorry you see your a girl..which means your crazy...which means every time I said you were right I was really just tired of arguing with a brick wall. Shoulda just shut up and made me more sandwiches, maybe that will help in the next one! Bye !

  • Wot went wrong: You are misogynous and passive aggressive. Learn to treat women as equals and make your own damn sandwiches. Also, stand your ground.

  • Gloomfrost

    Wot wot wot wot wot.. reminds me of the Elites from Halo :P

  • luxlucetintenebris

    That music is horrid.

  • oni099

    yeah sounds like the sims

  • Jim Perry

    i imagine getting an email from these guys would result in a "dafuq?" reaction.

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