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March 13, 2012


We thought maybe because there was less white your eyes would be able to withstand the brightness of your monitors, but apparently your corneas are even thinner than we imagined. Well fear not, cave-dwelling readers, we're working on a black option which we'll hopefully have rolled out by the end of the week. The site will still default to this blinding white, but at least you'll have the option to make it dark again. Or if you're too lazy to click a button, you can just do what we do: wear sunglasses at all times. Sleeping, in the shower, driving at night, these bad boys never come off our face.

UPDATE: We're gonna get democratic with this. Take the poll below to let us know how you feel about the redesign.

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  • Sharoda01

    I really liked having that chalkboard 'esque' look across the whole background (not just at  the top) 

  • PastMidnight

    We've reached 69%
    My work here is done.

  • AlfredBeck

    Who is "we"? Where is GW? And why is the website going to default to white when ALL of your readers hate it?

  • AlfredBeck

    Who is "we"? Where is GW? And why the hell would you choose to make the default white when ALL of your readers don't like it?

  • Princessgiraffe

    I would like to know why GW wants this change so badly. I mean, if it's really against what a majority of your readers want, what's the point?
    Now as for the white, I really can, as can many others, tolerate it. The sad part is that the articles seem a bit too jumbled and close (it makes them seem uninteresting) and the lack of tags just really dulls down the humor that I come back for. The classic black is one thing, but getting rid of the parts that made us come back for more is rather.....
    You could always hold a contest for a new page layout, and you get to pick your favorite! :) haven't had a contest in a while!

  • Pleas changs it back! I like the old one.

  • Girgear

    I guess it's more of a nostalgia thing than anything else.  Fun Fact: Geeks hate change. 

    There are tons of  white themed sites out there and I have no problem browsing them,  but when I come to this corner of the interwebs, I want my black back. 

  • Well well well.
    The main reason it should be dark is because THIS IS A GEEK BLOG!
    For the records:
    I access this site mostly via my mobile, and if the site isn't going to be dark again (very soon) the bookmark will be deleted and anticlown media will drown in insignificance.
    Another one down the drain.
    Just my 2ct.

  • ReyesRulez

    65% of voters want it dark. 65%! What the shit were you thinking? Did you not remember the uproar caused the last time you tried this? 

    I'll never understand some people. There are plenty of ways to improve the site, but taking away two of the most popular features (color scheme and funny tags) are not among them. It's like you're trying to fail. 

  • This site's really been going down hill. It looks like crap now. Like it was made with a cookie cutter. The tags are gone. An no one fun leaves comments anymore because you have to log in now. How dare you think this site is worth logging in to leave a comment. It's funny, but I shouldn't have to push extra buttons for crap I don't want to do. Even the new buttons ALL the way at the top, way too high, look like turds compared to the old ones. How do you mess that up, you had ones that looked fine for years?

    The funny part is if you click on "Anticlown," whatever the F that is, it says "We make really good websites." Reall,y where?

  • Guest

    If you're gonna give such an option, consider using a light-bulb icon. In addition with some sort o' cookie so we don't have to keep on turning off/on the light with each pleasant visit here.

    mmm....cookies......have the site dispense cookies too.

  • AlfredBeck

    Who is "we"? Where the hell is GW?

  • taran420

    Why would you even bother changing it white when your readers were so upset from it being changed last time? And who uses straight up black and white anymore (if you have any good sense of web design)? The least you could do is mute the white a bit.

  • I like it better black....My reasons are my own! (Frodo....lol)

  • you know... my pappy used to say... "If it aint broke, don't fix it"

  • I prefer the old style because it didn't look like a Tumblr page that hasn't yet been customized.  Also, why aren't colors an option?

  • White will create a black hole in your butt... go for dark!

    p.s. you deleted my message from yesterday, why? I post it again (censored just in case):
    Black version vs. White version

    it's the original, has personality, you can read it in the night, had less ads, was awesome!

    which white website? Hurt my eyes, there's too much going on, crap!

  • eljenxo

    Paint it paisley please man.


    get rid of the pink and the white PLEASE

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