Ugh: Sand Flea Robotic Car Can Jump Over 30-Feet -- UP

March 28, 2012


Seen here preparing to leap on top of a building, Boston Dynamics' latest robotic killer, the Sand Flea (the evolutionary decedent of their Precision Urban Hopper), looks to gain entrance to a building from above. Note to self: keep a fire going in the fireplace at all times. The four-wheeled creeper can allegedly clear obstacles up to 30-feet high and undoubtedly fill an upstairs bedroom with poison gas quicker than you can say, "Honey -- did you hear something?" and her respond, "You probably woke your self up farting again, go back to bed." (I said fast, not instantaneous)

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the leaping creeper in action.

Sand Flea Jumping Robot of the Day []

Thanks to crean, Mark, Suz, HELL TO THE F*** NO and Universal, who agree there should be laws against jumping robots. Also: people jumping in elevators. That shit scares me!

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