Trippy: Japanese TRON Lightsuit Dance Routine

March 13, 2012


Want to see a bunch of dudes dance around in TRON-ish lightsuits that've been programmed to blink and dazzle in rhythm to the music? Of course you do, you're on the internet, aren't you? And don't even act like you were here doing "research" because nobody's buying it. The only people that actually do research on the internet are high school/college students, and they're only copy/pasting Wikipedia articles into some piece of shit essay due tomorrow.

Hit the jump for the I still haven't seen the new TRON movie. Was it good?

Live Tron dance performance brings digital effects to the stage [dvice]

Thanks to PYY, who doesn't need a fancy lightsuit to look cool dancing -- just a tutu and pointy shoes.

  • pinormous

    A cheap ripoff of team Illuminate and Fighting Gravity. Wow.

  • Laura Telfer

    well i feel like a retard now, just sent the link at a tip, then realised it has only just been posted......FAIL!  it is freakin awesome though!

  • Visualecho

    I fell in love with team Illuminate, for me they were much better at this stuff, everything was well cordinated

  • Geekologie didn't say it was the first ever- just a sick video. Do research if your interested, I don't think they need to do research to post it video.

  • TheCheapGamer

    Neon lightsuit maybe...but not Tron.

  • James Conine

    Uhh can someone say Rip-Off .  Team Illuminate did it first last year on AGT. Even the Design of the lights is Stolen.

  • Yeah no people have been doing costumes with elwire that di similar things long before that team did, you can't 'steal' something that's not really *that* original

  • jerodast

    People have danced in glow suits before, but the real innovation they hyped on AGT was that the lighting had a very complex computer-controlled choreography along with the dancing; the group leader said she designed the software custom for the team. To my knowledge this was a pretty new thing, but perhaps you know different? If so I'd love some examples.

  • Still thought it was badass.

  •  asians made it first get over it and deal with it :P

  • jerodast

    Regardless of who was first, it's pretty bullshit blogging to post it here as if it's a mindblowing new viral thing when a different group was doing the same thing on national television last summer. Do some goddamn research yourself, Geekologie.

  • Cause everyone lives in the States.. 

  • jerodast

    Of course not everyone lives in the states; I'm very happy that sharing it on this blog could bring it to a wider audience! But Geekologie *does* have a large presence here, and should be able to do some quick checks on the background of this type of performance which they are presenting as a new phenomenon.

  • Visualecho

    To some its an upcoming art form. To some it is mind-blowing because they don't watch tv. It's just a post of a recent group, no need to be so callous.

  • jerodast

    I don't mind that it's mindblowing to the the readers - obviously it's very cool, please do blog about it! Just don't treat it like it's the most original thing ever and deny attribution to the creators.

  • Screaming child in the first video drove me fucking bonkers.

  • SirPhobos


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