Trippy: Japanese TRON Lightsuit Dance Routine

March 13, 2012


Want to see a bunch of dudes dance around in TRON-ish lightsuits that've been programmed to blink and dazzle in rhythm to the music? Of course you do, you're on the internet, aren't you? And don't even act like you were here doing "research" because nobody's buying it. The only people that actually do research on the internet are high school/college students, and they're only copy/pasting Wikipedia articles into some piece of shit essay due tomorrow.

Hit the jump for the I still haven't seen the new TRON movie. Was it good?

Live Tron dance performance brings digital effects to the stage [dvice]

Thanks to PYY, who doesn't need a fancy lightsuit to look cool dancing -- just a tutu and pointy shoes.

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