Smooth: Tourists Follow GPS Directions Into Ocean

March 16, 2012


Bitchin' tan, bro.

In a move that proves manufacturers probably shouldn't jokingly print "best worn over your head like an astronaut helmet" on plastic bags, a group of Japanese tourists followed the GPS directions in their rental car into the channel separating two Australian islands. "...But there's water up ahead." GUN IT -- MAYBE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO HYDROPLANE!

The Tokyo students had wanted to take a day trip to Straddie and believed their GPS unit would be able to guide them there. The GPS forgot to mention the 15 kilometres of water and mud between the mainland and the island.

Yuzu Noda, 21, said she was listening to the GPS and "it told us we could drive down there. It kept saying it would navigate us to a road. We got stuck . . . there's lots of mud."

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If your GPS told you to drive off a mountain would you do it? Because I'll totally program it to say that if you would.

Tourists Follow Car GPS Into a Body of Water [gizmodo]

Thanks to Joel, who claims his GPS told him to go to that strip club so he can't be blamed.

  •  F**king hilarious, btw.

  • Why did I not hear of this sooner? Straddie is only 30 mins up the road from where I live.

  • adem kajan

    And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake.

  • artilleryboy

    Driving skill: Asian

  • I miss traveling like we did when I was a kid. Those were the good old days...Dad wouldn't stop for directions, and Mom couldn't fold a map to save her life, but we eventually got there.

  • Connor Morgan

    This reminds me of an episode of The Office.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I was gonna say:  "OFFICE DID IT FURST!1!11"

    Except I probably wouldn't have done it like a total douche nozzle like that.

  • tkbrdly

    now they are probably going to sue the gps company and win. these people should loose all driving privileges.

  • rikster81

    You just can't fix stupid!

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    ... humans *smh*

  •  Should program it to drive it off the mountain. It would be great natural selection.

  • cue obvious asian joke

  • n_a_a_s

    look at how he's dressed, he was heading in the right direction but forgot to drive his boatcar

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