There Goes Monday: Mario/Portal Mashup Is Out

March 5, 2012


Remember the Mario/Portal mashup game we were teased with last year? Well it's finally out and available for free download. Goodbye productivity! "I wasn't going to do anything today anyways." Same here -- but don't tell our bosses that! The final game has all kinds of extras thrown in including 4-player co-op, level editing, and HAT OPTIONS. Me? I only have two hat options: the GEEKOLOGIE one I had embroidered at a kiosk in the mall, or my more ironic one. "What's the ironic one?" Women's panties. Get it? Because I'm a dude! HIPSTER KING OVER HERE.

Hit the jump for a release trailer and a link to the download site so you can stick it to the man for the rest of the day and tomorrow while you're waiting to get off work to go pick up Mass Effect 3.

Mari0 Official Site (download at the bottom)

Thanks to Guybrush Threepwood (OMG -- you read Geekologie?! Does Elaine?!) and Bender (OMG -- you read Geekologie?! Are you going to kill me?!), who know how to waste time at work and this is it (plus hiding out in a bathroom stall on your smartphone).

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