There Can Be Only One: Jetpack Vs Car Race

March 13, 2012


Ever wanted to see some bro with a jetpack race a foreign sporty-ish car (Renault Megane RS)? Well you're in luck, because that is WHAT THIS IS. Unfortunately, 23-year old "daredevil" Nick Macomber doesn't know the meaning of daring the devil and gets smoked.

Today's short, 400-metre flight - reaching a top speed of about 100kmh while travelling about 50m off the ground - was Macomber's first mission in the southern hemisphere, but he's done "hundreds" of jet-pack flights before.

The short hop took just 16 seconds - the fuel runs out in 30 seconds.

"I've literally lost count of the times I've done this, but I still get nervous every time," he said. "I have to ask people how it looked afterwards because I can barely remember it."

Admittedly, Nick lost because he had to get 'up' to a safe height before he could start moving forward. Wait -- did I say had to? I meant chose to because he didn't want to win bad enough. If that was me I would have stayed low enough to touch the ground the whole time -- with my peenor. "Soooo... just centimeters?" HUNDREDS OF THEM.

Hit the jump for the less than impressive jetpacking performance.

Daredevil defies jet-pack jitters to race car [stuff]

Thanks to Logan, who agrees he should have just put rollerskates on and gone for the gold.

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