That...Wouldn't Fit In My Apartment: Bird's Nest Bed

March 6, 2012


This is the Giant Birdsnest bed from architect/design group O*GE. It's a real product that's made to order and comes in three different sizes, the largest of which is supposed to be able to fit 16 people. That...would be one hell of an orgy. I'm talking tits and penises everywhere you look. It's basically just a giant cushion in a frame decorated with strips of cardboard though, so you could probably make your own for way cheaper than whatever they're charging. Which, if I know design firms, is an arm and a decent-sized peenor. The bed isn't supposed to be for sleeping though, it's a "prototype for new and inspiring socializing space" and for "breeding new ideas". Breeding new ideas -- or -- OR -- breeding pterodactyl-human hybrids? Because THAT I could get behind. Plus flap my wings while we're doing it! CAW, CAW. *finishes then flies out window to roost on a gargoyle head*

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including one with PIXAR's mascot.



Official Site
Bird's Nest Bed [incrediblethings]

Thanks to PYY, who promised me we could make a pillow fort together and tell stories till we depleted all the oxygen in there and then start laughing for no reason and passed out. YES!

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