That's It, I'm Going: Cupcake ATM Gets A Video Demo

March 7, 2012


"OMG OMG -- red velvet!"

Remember Sprinkles' 24-hour cupcake ATM? Well now there's a video demo of the thing in action. Apparently the machine is packed with over 600 cupcakes and has a robotic arm that selects the proper box -- all while you watch from a video monitor! Not gonna lie, I really thought there was gonna be a person inside. And there might still be. Since the machine is not too far away I'll go investigate myself sometime in the not-too-distant future and maybe do a review. If you're lucky you might even get to hear my husky-ass voice. "Let me guess -- you're gonna be wearing one of those voice-changing Darth Vader helmets." My mom said I could!

Hit the jump for a video of the keep those little boxes coming!

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: See How It Works [huffingtonpost]
Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Action [foodbeast]

Thanks to Meghan and hardy, who plan on jamming their arms in the shoot and grabbing as many cupcakes as possible. Are you kidding me -- did you SEE the robotic arm that lives in there?!

  • the cake is a lie! even if it's mini!

  • CLIMB INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JimmyThr

    someone's gonna lose a hand in one of those things aren't they

  •  I was thinking the same thing lol I'm pretty sure that thing almost closed on her hand

  • YUCK!!!! this cant be sanitary.

  • Jon Hill

    Better that a pot of gold and only half the price!!

  • Kate

    Strip-teasing and serving cupcakes. I learned a lot about what robots do today.

  • Vending machine price: $4.00
    Price inside the bakery: $3.25

  • Guest

    Sweet, there's red velvet. I do wonder if they'll ever make a machine that vends healthy items? That are not banananananas.

  • Why are there not more vending machines like these?

  • Princessgiraffe

    I like how just because we have a quick cupcake machine, that makes our country "fat". If anything, it's in Beverly hills, possibly the most body conscious place in the world, and they like to spoil themselves.

  • matt hall

    Do americans not use pin codes?!

  • Vladeon

    Also, please note that there's a hard cut right when she was supposed to put in her pin number. 

    Honestly though, I'm more concerned that the little rotating door will close in on someone's hand while they're grabbing their cupcake. That seems like quite the hazard.

  • Guest

     It depends on a few factors like the system itself, affiliated banks, and the other stuff from folks answers below.

  • Princessgiraffe

    Not with credit cards, and if a purchase is under (around) $25 you don't have to sign.

  •  Yes but somethings are instant and dont need pin numbers like fast food and this cupcake machine

  • My god. Our country is SO fat.

  • Jon

    Fun idea. Looks like it asked for her email address after she put in her card. Also, I wish the cup cake menu showed two at a time, which means you have to wait in line while a group pf people chat about how "naughty" they're being by going off their diet...I wonder how it works if I want 3 cupcakes and how long it takes over that huge inventory...

  • n_a_a_s

    Japan did this a long time ago with beer,  much more effective for a productive society rather than making cupcakes readily available for fat rich people

  • In Japan you can get pretty much anything in a vending machine.

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