Survival Snowboard Breaks Into Skis, Shovel, Wood Saw

March 19, 2012


This is the Survival Split snowboard built by Signal Snowboards and jam-packed with everything you'd need to survive a night in the wilderness without getting sexed by a Yeti just you can sleep by the fire in his cave. *shivers* Never again.

[The board] separates into three parts to become a pair of skis and a snow shovel to help you dig a snow shelter. Going further they managed to hide a folding saw into the structure, along with a compass, thermometer, fire-starting flint, and a signal board for attracting help. You can even clip the two skis together to make a kind of snow surfboard they call The Snurfer.

Listen: if you're seriously assessing your need for a survival snowboard I'm just gonna go ahead and suggest you NOT venture off the bunny slope just yet. Speaking of -- remember the time I told you I fell 20-feet off a ski-lift into fresh powder? Well that never happened. It was ice and I broke both arms and a leg.

Hit the jump for a video of the board being made and tested.

Survival snowboard converts into skis, a shovel, a saw and more [dvice]

Thanks to kee, who agrees there's only one thing you need to survive a cold winter's night: a lodge with a nice fireplace serving hot cocoa.

  • However, the enhancements made in the past few years in the development of portable saws have meant that they've become more desirable for many woodworkers that work and travel from site to site.

  • miamo452movies

    But will it blend?

  • Jason Coyne

    I get the survival equipment. I don't get the "turns into skis" part. You already had a snowboard that is perfectly capable of transporting you over snow, and converting to skis has to reduce the structural integrity of the board. Why?

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

     Ever heard of cross country? A snow board doesn't work well for that.

  • If you buy this you pretty much HAVE  to get lost in the woods for three days at least. Then come out holding it while the TV crews are looking for your frozen corpse. 

  • /FIRST

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