Stay Inside The Lines, Luke: Star Wars Crayons

March 1, 2012


Etsy seller extramoneyformommy (fine, but I am gonna expect a raise in my allowance) sells sets of homemade Star Wars crayons (presumably by using these ice molds). Granted with the right mixture of wax and some molds you could make your own, but how many times have you said you were going to do something and never done it? Exactly -- most of them. It's a good test to see just how badly you want something. Because if you DID want it that bad you'd either 1. just buy them or 2. actually have the drive to make them yourself. Me? Apparently I've never wanted anything that bad in my entire life. "Or maybe you're just a poor, lazy, @$$hole." HA! It's like you've gazed into the depths of my soul and seen the f***ing slob laying there yelling at his Playstation.

Hit the jump for some other crayon options and the link to her Etsy store.




Extramoneyformommy's Etsy Store
Han Solo Carbonite Crayons Surprisingly Don't Come in Grey [technabob]

Thanks to Taylor, who never colored inside the lines because he's always been more of an outside-of-the-box kind of thinker. Pluuuuuuuuus unemployable. Same!

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