Spiders Escaping Flood Blanket Town In Webs

March 8, 2012


Spiders: I don't mind them. Unless -- UNLESS -- they're trying to crawl in my mouth at night, in which case I'll wait till they're right inside THEN BITE THEIR F***ING EYEBALLS OUT. The Australian town of Wagga Wagga was recently covered in spider webs as the arachnids relocated to escape rising waters and met little resistance after the town's 9,000 residents in the flood zone were evacuated (presumable to Wocka Wocka). Oh man, what I'd give to drive a ride-on lawnmower through those fields. Hell, I'd mow them for nothing but a nice, cold glass of lemonade after. "Settle for urine?" Throw in a lemon wedge and you've got yourself a deal!

Hit the jump for several more shots including the spiders TRYING TO CATCH A DOG.






Massive spiderwebs engulf Australian town as arachnids escape floods [io9]

Thanks to Hephaestus and Dirk, who once slept a whole night in a tent made out of spider webs and won Fear Factor.

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