Smurf Turf Wars: World's Smallest .45 Caliber Pistol

March 28, 2012


This the the DoubleTap .45-caliber pistol from Heizer Defense. It measures 5.5" long, 3.9" tall, and only weights 12-ounces. That's less than a postage stamp! "That is NOT less than postage stamp." No? How about one of those giant checks they give you if you win the lottery? The gun comes in the aluminum 12-oz version ($500) and a 14-oz titanium one ($730) and holds two bullets in the piggyback barrels. It also holds an extra two in the handle, which you WILL die trying to reload if the first two don't do their job. Just keepin' it real.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a product video.


Product Site
World's Smallest .45 Caliber Pistol Looks Easier To Pocket Than the Galaxy Note [gizmodo]

Thanks to muffinbottom, hands down the worst f***ing part of a muffin unless it's got like jelly in it or something.

  • Does it really says "St Louis MO USA EARTH" on one of the pics?!?!? Are these pistols going on a Voyager probe or something?

  • Guest

    this thing is all balls and no shaft!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I'll stick with being canadian, where having a gun is totally useless thank you!

  • Will have terrible aim, so unless you are holding the gun against someone, you'll probably miss.  Likewise, when you do miss, you won't be able to reload.  I guess if it's all you have, it's better than nothing, but I'll stick with my 1911

  • Nah, i'd rather have 16 of these sweet tamales pre-loaded and tucked into my trench coat.  Derringer Dan they'd call me.

  • westmclarenmerc

    Derringer Danielle you mean, cause Derringer are girls toys.

  • Garinov

    I'm gonna stick this up my butt and no one will know!

    Must fart with caution...

  • You shouldn't be allowed to post here anymore.

  •  Cold-Blooded!

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