Shaun Of The Dead Winchester Bar LEGO Set

March 29, 2012


This is a prototype Shuan of the Dead Winchester bar LEGO set created by LEGOmaniacs Pixel Fox and Yatkuu. The set is currently on the LEGO CUUSOO website where you can pledge your support for the concept, and LEGO will consider manufacturing the design if over 10,000 people do so (but probably won't due to the subject material/cost). There's some controversy over whether the movie is too violent to warrant a themed LEGO set, but anybody arguing that needs to GET A F***ING LIFE. Arguing about LEGO sets, I swear.

Hit the jump for a bunch of worthwhile closeups of the interior that you WILL look at because I didn't just waste all my time editing them and and the link to the page where you can pledge your support. Me? I'm pledging allegiance. "To what?" A secret society.









MakeTheWinchester Official Site
LEGO CUUSO Voting Site
LEGO Shaun of the Dead Concept: Yes, There's a Tiny Rifle Included [technabob]

Thanks to Rov, who makes things out of LEGO the same way he did when he was a kid: pouring them all out on the floor and rolling in them.

  • shaun

    where do you buy the set

  • nice idea to build something in lego style

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I was not aware that there are LEGO bananas, apples, pies, trophies, teddy bears, cricket bats and ZOMBIES... but I DO know that if the final set gets made and Ed's shirt doesn't say "I GOT WOOD" I'm definitely not going to purchase this set.

    That's just unforgivable, man!

  • Guest

    Do want! Because who doesn't love this classic zombie comedy film here? Oh, and for the love of pancakes please make an Evil Dead set toooo! (I may make an animated movie parody clash of the two films) >:D

  • shokalion

    Went to visit the Winchester pub for real back in 2006 (it was called the Duke of Albany).Unfortunately, it was in a real state, boarded up, closed. Soon after it was closed and rebuilt into a housing block. You can still tell it's the same place, but they've took away the larger lower floor area, it's like just a straight block now.

  • You got red on you.

  • Aaron codling

    is that a Oscar on the shelf in the kitchen lol

  • CannibAllStar

    Love that the Shaun of the Dead title shot has been Lego-fied

  • Awesome. I wonder how many lego blocks it took

  • Rabbit

    Shaun of the dead too violent? Yet they're making LOTR Lego sets? WAAAAAAY more people, and orcs, died in LOTR than in Shaun of the dead. Jussayin.

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