OMG -- Same!: Fruit Flies Denied Sex Turn To Booze

March 16, 2012


Because insects are more like us than we like to give them credit for, a recent study at UC San Francisco proves that male fruit flies denied sex like to get drunk to deal with the rejection. Holy shit -- they're practically human.

The team, which was led by neuroscientist Ulrike Heberlien, used this behavior to identify a signaling molecule in the flies' brains called neuropeptide F (NPF). Flies that had been denied sex were shown to have low levels of NPF; but when researchers genetically altered sex-deprived flies to produce NPF at higher levels than usual, they behaved as though they were sexually satisfied, and demonstrated no preference for alcohol-dosed food.

"Natural rewards and abused drugs affect the function of the brain's reward systems," explain Heberlein and her colleagues in the latest issue of Science. "And abnormal function of these brain regions is associated with addictive behavior."

*crushing beer can on head* Women, amirite? Tey make me durnk. "Jesus, GW, how many have you had?" NOT ENOUGH TO FILL THE LONELINESS. So yeah, the next time you find a fly in your drink, remember: he's in the same boat as you are.

Deprived of sex, male fruit flies turn to booze [io9]

Thanks to Arkim, who agrees the secret is to drink PRIOR to the rejection, that way you're better set to cope.

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