Robot Designed To Give Human-Like Handshakes

March 28, 2012


Seen here ready to shake hands in the biblical sense, a Japanese robot designed to reproduce human-like handshakes prepares itself for a fistful of dong at a recent trade show. Oh man, I'd hate to the guy behind the curtain pretending to have the robot hand!

This comes by way of engineers at Osaka University in Japan, who identified the three qualities above (grip, warmth and texture) as the primary concerns in reproducing the feel of the human hand.

First of all, why? Secondly, handshakes are gross. You know how many guys don't wash their hands after using the bathroom? ALL OF THEM. Except me. That's why I always go for hugs. Plus I like to squeeze tight and feel your moobs pressed up against me. You make me feel safe.

Hit the jump for a video of the peenor-shaker in action.

Japan upgrades telepresence with a warm, firm handshake [dvice]

Thanks to Abram and Flib, who downright REFUSE to shake hands and it's cost them millions in business deals. F*** those deals, at least you aren't sick!

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