Ready Muh Laser!: Dog With Death Star Dog Cone Collar

March 28, 2012


Damn bro those eyes are WONKY. You lookin' for treats in Alderaan places!

This is Musha the pug Boston Terrier. Musha just had surgery and is wearing a dog cone fashioned into a Death Star to make her feel powerful during recovery. There is NO WAY her brain can put together a clear picture of what she actually sees out of those eyeballs. Also, it looks like she's been chewing on a pair of pink women's panties. They're not though, it's actually a dog toy -- I just edited the picture to look like that. Why? Because I'm sick.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the I bet those eyes really can shoot lasers.



Star Wars Death Star Dog Cone is Fully Armed and Operational [obviouswinner]
Owner's Blog

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who put a collar on his pet gecko and now he can't catch crickets. Not that he was that good before! Seriously bro, I think he might be a little re-re.

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