Puking Hard: Video Camera Attached To A Jump Rope

March 20, 2012


This is a vom-inducing video from a camera that's been attached to a jump rope. Although I don't think it's actually a jump rope, I think it's more rigid than that and just rotates around the handles. Also, it's not a straight-cut video -- every time the rope passes under their feet it switches to a different user/location. No lie, it'll make you puke. And I'm not just saying that because you'll keep watching hoping to catch a glimpse up that girl's skirt, but she's wearing tights so you're wasting you're time. Trust me -- I made my intern watch it twice trying to get a screencap. Intern, LOL, of course it was me I'm still dry-heaving.

Hit the jump and try not to puke. If you don't, you might make it as an astronaut yet.

Full Circle, A Short Film Shot From a Jump Rope's Dizzying Perspective [laughingsquid]

Thanks to ash and Lisa, who can jump rope, pogo-stick and hopscotch all at the same time. WOW. You two should join a circus.

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