Pokemon Champion Stripped Of Title After Summoning Doduo (Read: Dropping A Load) In The Hotel Hallway

March 12, 2012


Two-time Pokemon champion (and f***ing idiot) Ruben Puig Lecegui was recently relieved of his title after it was discovered he and part of his team dropped Digletts (read: shat) in the hallway of their hotel during the championship. I...can't say I expected anything less from a professional Pokemon player.

"According to several eyewitness acounts," reports the site Pokébeach, Lecegui and members of his team "placed their own feces in the hallway of the hotel they and other Pokémon players were staying at." Pokébeach says the cops were called, the players were kicked out of the hotel and had to pay fines.

I didn't even bother looking up how old Ruben was, but from what I understand he's over four, which is the limit for getting away with shitting places you shouldn't. In your pants? In your pants is always okay. "Why? Because you do?" I told you -- I DON'T DO PUBLIC RESTROOMS.

Title Stripped from Pokémon Champion Who Crapped in Hotel Hallway [kotaku]

Thanks to The Superficial Writer, who was stripped of his pogs championship after rubbing another player's lucky slammer down his pants.

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