Plug A Powerstrip Into Itself For Free Electricity

March 22, 2012


This is a video of some guy with a mesmerizing accent explaining how you can pull "never-ending free energy" from a powerstrip by plugging it into itself then providing a "source of initial energy" to get the electricity flowing. It sucks, but maybe you can send it to your mom or something and she'll freak out and believe it then post it on her Facebook wall and be all, "WHAT OBAMA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!!" or something. I dunno, your mom's weird!

Hit the jump for the I at least like how he sticks the lightbulb's bare wires into the socket, that was a nice tough.

Lights Out []

Thanks to krom the magnificent and Amy, who know the real secret to free energy is stealing it from a neighbor.

  • AelixRage
  • chadwarren76

    Nothing defeats ignorance like mocking it. What an international treasure this site is. How about discussing how the energy transferred from a piezo-electric lighter is not enough to power the devices plugged into the power strip as shown instead? Oh, I forgot you're a Progressive so your only option is to be snotty when faced with disagreement.

  • MagnetronMagneticPulsers

    There is a small iron core magnetic transformer inside the strip powered by movement of eddy current.

  • Marvin Syferd

    Is this a fake geek group?! Have you seen Physics of free energy by Dr. E Jin Jeong E&feature=youtube gdata player? Can you follow math? USA strips don't they lack capacitor paired with Joule Thief Circuit in European strips? What is in the strips that work....have you taken them apart?
    Where is your geekness? There is an American conversion using ferrites and Joule Thief wrap....sparking with a 9 v battery to start on you tube, have you seen it?
    How do you get the European strips? Who makes them? A simple test....don't you guys have friends over there that can test them? Had a blizzard all roads closed, a woman over heard us and walked over.. She said she was from Switzerland has the strips for her house and her grandma's in wyo where neighbors are 20 miles away. She said people in Europe are using them......where are our inventive geeks?

  • disqus_skOb3g62d7

    wow that is superb click

  • A glitch in the Matrix!

  • Note the coil of wire... perhaps a spinning magnet beneath the table to educe a current?  LIKE A GENERATOR... lies i tell you, lies!

  • Jeremy

    More like plugged into the wall off camera.

  • jaime_arg

    That man probably made a bomb-building tutorial right after this.

  • Asinus

    THe James Randi Institute owes this guy a million dollars!

  • It was amusing to me that the fellow decides to initiate the process by using the ground.  That should be the big tip-off!  The lights are plugged in using the the other terminals.  Oh, yeah it's plugged in off camera for sure!

  • I would do this, but fuck that, I don't want to lose an outlet off my powerstrip.

  • Jamie Smith

    And what the f*** is up with these stupid T-mo ads?

  • Jamie Smith


  • Jeremy

    This is really getting old, anyone with even a little knowledge of electricity knows this is not possible. You can't just get energy from nothing, and the tiny amount of energy created by an lighter igniter wouldn't do a thing.

  • Robert Van Dyke

    if you try this then you should take a hose and put it over your tailpipe and shove the other down the gas tank of your car

  • Mike

    You have to run the exhaust through a copper coil then a fuel filter from '68 gremlin first our it will clog your injectors. Everyone knows that lol

  • Daniel Tabor

    Yeah, but they didn't make the Gremlin in '68! Now what do I do?!?

  • 2setro .

    Would not work. The engine combusts gas, and then exhausts the burnt gas through the tailpipe. Connecting the tailpipe and gas tank with a hose would just cause the gas tank to fill with smoke. And drops from the smoke can ruin your gas. So, this is actually spending you more money.

  • I was hoping GW would have replied to this comment - then I could hear him speak witty about combusting gas.

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