Pizza Under The Stars: Camping Oven/Stove Combo

March 22, 2012


God, whatever happened to starting a good old fashioned campfire then drawing straws to see who you're gonna cannibalize?

This is the $250 Coleman Signature Outdoor Gear Portable Propane Stove/Oven. It was designed so you can still cook your pizza/hot wings/tater tots after the microwave you brought drains your car battery. Yay -- we're roughing it! Now somebody inflate the portable hot-tub.

Two full-size appliances in one, the compact Propane Oven/Stove combo delivers ultraportable cooking versatility from the campsite to the backyard barbecue. The unit uses a disposable 1-lb. propane cylinder (not included), or it can be adapted to use a 20-lb. cylinder for increased cooking time. Two 5,300-BTU burners, fired by the matchless igniter, cook evenly and efficiently with PerfectFlow™ pressure regulation. The large oven bakes up to a 12" pizza, holds a standard 9" x 13" baking pan and produces 3,000 BTU of raw cooking power.

Did you hear that? 3,000 BTU of RAW COOKING POWER. And speaking of raw cooking power -- what's the ruling on eating uncooked sausages? I only ask because it feels like my asshole is about to come off.

Cabela Product Site (and buy some fishing lures while you're at it!)
Frozen pizza (and much more) in the woods [cnet]

Thanks to R-Man, who camps the old fashioned way: constantly terrified of forest spirits killing him in his sleep.

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