Pikachu Ballgown/Dress/Apron/Pinafore Thingy

March 30, 2012


So I drank over 10,000 drinks last night to celebrate 10,000 articles and I'm gonna be honest with you: I don't feel so hot. Case in point: this Cthulhu ballgown/dress/apron/pinafore thingy. "You said Cthulhu." I say a lot of things I don't mean. This is a pinafore, which I didn't know what was until today, and it's kind of a dress topper. You wear it over a dress. Think of it like a swimsuit cover-up, but one you're not afraid to take off because people will see your fat rolls. There's no back though so if you sport it without a dress people will see your underwear if you remembered to wear them. I don't care, that's your cross to bear. "WTF are you talking about?" I'm going to vomit.

Hit the jump for a couple a shot of the back. SPOILER: blue mannequin asscheeks.


Etsy Listing

How About a Pikachu Pokemon Pinafore For Prom? [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to liz g., who wore a Charizard pinafore to prom and was the Beedrill of the ball.

  • Panzimar

    almost there, Katy Perry's seamstress just has to have it altered for a bit more boob roomage, and a lot more ass showage.

  • wow, toally read this at 500 am in the morning while still a little drunk... aaaannndddd it made total sense. Congrats on the 10,000 posts. That's pretty super

  • I choose YOU --for this dance.

  • I don't even like Pokemon but I want one.
    Why do I covet this?

  • n_a_a_s

     I'm dissappointed AG, bjork wouldn't even wear this eyesore of failed garmentry  under the influence

  • And yet I still want it.
    HELP ME!

  • Super8ten

    Only God can help you

  • Haha! You're funny.

  • I clicked this article just so I could see the blue ass cheeks

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