PEW PEW: Company Selling Double-Barrel Pistols

March 12, 2012


Arsenal Firearms is selling "the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all time" -- the AF2011-A1 "Second Century". They're just like a regular pistol, but shoot two bullets at once. Basically the equivalent of duct-taping two guns together provided you don't tape one facing backwards.

The gun can be handled by any shooter able to shoot with a .45 Acp and it is not only very pleasing, but very accurate and great fun. The AF2011-A1 holds amazing and surprising target performance for the shooter: in fact, it will group all the 8 double .45 caliber rounds (16 bullets) held in the duplex, single columns magazines, in a target of the size of an orange at 15 yards and of a water melon at 25.

The stopping power of the AF2011-A1 is tremendous: 2 bullets for a total of 460 Grains weight impacting at 1 to 2 inches apart (depending on the distance of the target) will knock down a bull, while the whole 18 bullets, for a payload exceeding 4000 Grains, can be delivered to the target in about 3 seconds.

So now, not only will you miss your target because you're such a terrible shot, but waste twice as much ammo in the process. That's right, I said it -- you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! "It's true, I accidentally shot a pig." I know you did, Old MacDonald is pissed!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots from different angles and a video of the pew pews in action.





Arsenal Firearms Product Site
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Thanks to Terry, who I tried to convince this is the perfect gun to play Russian roulette with. "But it's not a revolver!" Shhhhhhhhh -- I know.

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