Paleontologists Unveil Two New Teensy Horned Dinos

March 13, 2012


Seen here having a great time hunting dragonflies (WTF guys -- how about inviting me next time?!), two recently discovered species of horned dinosaurs related to the triceratops are set to be unveiled at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Plus they're just weensy little guys -- rarely over three feet long! *in unison* "Daaaaaaaaw!"

Unescopceratops was tiny, maxing out at about six feet long but often closer to about a meter in length, and it weighed less than 200 pounds. That's positively gigantic to the Gryphoceratops fossil that was discovered. The specimen, which the paleontologists believe to have been an actual adult, can't have been more than two feet long, making it easily the smallest horned dinosaur ever found in North America and one of the very smallest plant-eating dinosaur we have found.

OMG, sooooooo cute -- I could just eat them up! "Like a black widow after mating?" No, I'm not into little dinos. I like the big ones. If its penis couldn't crush a car like a monster truck I'm not interested. Being able to shoot fire out of its mouth like Carzilla is a bonus.

Meet the two newest, tiniest horned dinosaurs [io9]

Thanks to Arkim and Flib, who agree it probably took so long to discover these guys because they're so small. Right?! Paleontologists probably thought they were just digging up chicken bones from where an old KFC used to be or something.

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