Own Your Very Own Hobbit Hole Playhouse For $3K

March 19, 2012


Ever dreamed of owning a hobbit hole playhouse where you can read nudey magazines and guzzle beers away from the prying eye of Sauron? Well you're in luck, all thanks to the Hobbit Hole Playhouse from Wooden Wonders. Maybe Gandalf will even pop in for a smoke! No, no he won't, but you will have to bug-bomb the thing every summer after the spiders move in.

Attractive and spacious children's playhouse in the style of a Hobbit Hole, with a dome shaped front, curved walls, windows on either side of a round front door and a dormer with a round window. Provides a perfectly cozy enclosed space that kids will love to call their own. Great as a bus stop, summer sleepover spot and everyday imaginative play.

This Hobbit Hole playhouse is 12' wide, has a maximum interior height of 6'3" and about 50 square feet of floor space. Comes painted as shown. Comes with a set of plexiglass and screen windows. Has a pressure treated floor system and all cedar framing. Floor is urethane-treated sanded plywood.

I've considered living in one of the sheds they sell outside of Home Depot for awhile now, so this is like a dream come true. Granted not the one where I run around naked on the beach all day playing coconut soccer with monkeys, but beggars can't be choosers. However they will spit on you if you don't give them any change, so keep your distance.

Hit the jump for a shot of the green-doored hobbit hole from all angles and a link to the seller's Etsy page.





HobbitHole's Etsy Shop
For $3000, you too can live in a Hobbit hole [io9]

Thanks to Nick, who's holding out for a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse. Um, YES PLEASE.

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