Once You Go Black...

March 20, 2012

Sorry for the delay on darkening up the site. The vibe we got from you guys was that having to click a button was too annoying and most of you would rather the site just default to black. As such, we decided to just scrap the white altogether. And if we were going to only have a black site, we wanted to at least do it right (hence the delay). Anyways, you guys can go ahead and take off your sunglasses now and take a look around. If the page looks funny, just hit refresh a couple of times. And if that doesn't fix it, upgrade your browser. And if that doesn't fix it, buy a new computer. Because clearly it's not our fault. We don't make mistakes. We're perfect. And handsome. And girls with big boobs love us.

NOTE: But really, if something is broken let us know about it.

  • Allen Hiltz

    Several months ago, I kept seeing so much white that I removed geekologie from my bookmarks bar altogether. Now that black is back, consider yourself re-bookmarked!

  • Mighty Molecule

    Or...you could have just kept (and keep) the gray slate you established the first time after the original background snafu during the ownership change. Not everyone has to be Facebook and unnecessarily change benign shit just to maintain interest, posts regarding batman getting pulled over is more than enough.

  • PulseOne

    +1 on yey and +1 on tags. :*

  • Nathaniel Van Doren


  • Nathaniel Van Doren

    You switch back and forth repeatedly to see if your readers will stroke out.

  • Stb Hernández

    use clorox...

  • Tyler Newell

    I can't think of another website with this bitchy of a fanbase... 

  • Good choice. And the tags?

  • mmmmmmmmmmm

  • So we can just walk all over you yeah?  Sweet. You shall find my list of demands in your tips section. Spoiler: Whiskey.

  • Good. Now just remove disqus and we're set.
    (if you must force logins Just make us log an email to filter spambots and let us pick names to suit the comments like the old times when comments were funny.

  • So You're just gonna let us walk all over you?

    In that case I demand the old slate background, the old comment box where we get to choose our names and not have to use this disqus pos, the funny tags must show on the main page, and

  • tiita79

    awesome :) thank you :) i can now put down my sun glasses when i read geekologie again :)

  • Damnit GW, don't be such a pussy. You liked the white you should have stuck with the white.

  • I demand you add a button to let me use the white theme.

  • Princessgiraffe

    I rather hope you enjoyed reading these comments as much as I did, GW :) you haven't lost all the humorous folk from your constant menopause outbreaks, but hey, only thing that needs fixing really are the funny tags <3 they're what made YOUR page YOURS. there is no WE in GW. >:l put them back.

  •  *sings* BACK IN BLACK!

  • AlfredBeck

    Again, who is "we"?
    And please bring back the tags and stop screwing around with the site.

  • Croccington

    Text is too light, but other than that it looks fine, I guess....
    The logo could do with some blackening too.

    But seriously, a background over the posts would probably be more appealing. Dark grey, of course, we don't want to go too far back in to the burning spectrum.

  • Ericah Villiesse

    thank you. 

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