Once You Go Black...

March 20, 2012

Sorry for the delay on darkening up the site. The vibe we got from you guys was that having to click a button was too annoying and most of you would rather the site just default to black. As such, we decided to just scrap the white altogether. And if we were going to only have a black site, we wanted to at least do it right (hence the delay). Anyways, you guys can go ahead and take off your sunglasses now and take a look around. If the page looks funny, just hit refresh a couple of times. And if that doesn't fix it, upgrade your browser. And if that doesn't fix it, buy a new computer. Because clearly it's not our fault. We don't make mistakes. We're perfect. And handsome. And girls with big boobs love us.

NOTE: But really, if something is broken let us know about it.

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