Oh Wonderful, A Grenade Throwing Humanoid Robot

March 15, 2012


"Thank you, SKYNET. Thank you for giving me life." Alternatively, "TOUCHDOWN, HOKIES!"

So apparently my alma mater Virginia Tech is in cahoots with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to develop and test a robot capable of throwing grenades to extinguish fires. Granted I thought grenades started fires, but what do I know? SPOILER: Probably all lies CONSIDERING I WENT TO A F***ING ROBOT-SYMPATHIZING UNIVERSITY. *burning diplomas*

Currently at the development stage, the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (or SAFFiR for short) is intended to combat fires in the cramped conditions of a ship, saving lives and costly equipment.

Armed with cameras and a gas sensor, the battery-powered SAFFiR will be "capable of activating fire suppressors" and throwing "propelled extinguishing agent technology (PEAT) grenades," says the NRL.

Despite its decidedly flat-looking feet, the NRL says the robot will be a "sure-footed sailor" capable of "walking, balancing and traversing obstacles" autonomously. Furthermore, it will be able to interact with humans as part of a wider firefighting team.

Not gonna lie, I didn't know all this robotic stuff was going on when I was there. And maybe it wasn't. Maybe my presence was too much for them and they had to wait for me to leave before they it all started. "Or maybe you just never went to class." I...rarely made it past the closest dining hall.

Hit the jump for a diagram highlighting the features of this future of fire suppression oppression.


Grenade-throwing robot to fight fires on ships [cnn]

Thanks to Bret and Anit D., who, contrary to popular belief, know the best way to fight fire is NOT with more fire because then you just end up with a fire twice as big as it was before and Smokey is all, 'WHAT THE F*** DID YOU DO?!"

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