Oh Great, Those Pole-Dancing Robots Are Back

March 7, 2012


Seen here shamelessly staring directly at her privates, a man admires one of the humanoid pole-dancers built by sicko robot-fetishist Giles Walker. Now we've known about Giles' stripper-bots for awhile, but Germany's recent CeBIT information technology fair paid to have these CCTV-headed ones meet visitors at this year's security-themed show to -- wait for it -- prove that security can be sexy. WHAT. THE. F***?! Security doesn't need to be sexy you dumb idiots -- it just needs to work. You don't see me gluing mannequin tits on my bicycle to prove pedaling can be sexy, do you? Hell no -- I did that shit in the garage with the door closed.

Hit the jump for a video of one of the stripper-bots doing its thing at the show which I didn't watch LEST I BE TEMPTED.

Pole-dancing robot introduced at world's biggest IT fair [metro]
Pole-dancing robots wow world's biggest high-tech fair [yahoonews]

Thanks to The Carlos and Paulbot, who both tipped her with thrown handfuls of nuts & bolts.

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