Oh Great, Those Pole-Dancing Robots Are Back

March 7, 2012


Seen here shamelessly staring directly at her privates, a man admires one of the humanoid pole-dancers built by sicko robot-fetishist Giles Walker. Now we've known about Giles' stripper-bots for awhile, but Germany's recent CeBIT information technology fair paid to have these CCTV-headed ones meet visitors at this year's security-themed show to -- wait for it -- prove that security can be sexy. WHAT. THE. F***?! Security doesn't need to be sexy you dumb idiots -- it just needs to work. You don't see me gluing mannequin tits on my bicycle to prove pedaling can be sexy, do you? Hell no -- I did that shit in the garage with the door closed.

Hit the jump for a video of one of the stripper-bots doing its thing at the show which I didn't watch LEST I BE TEMPTED.

Pole-dancing robot introduced at world's biggest IT fair [metro]
Pole-dancing robots wow world's biggest high-tech fair [yahoonews]

Thanks to The Carlos and Paulbot, who both tipped her with thrown handfuls of nuts & bolts.

  • tatsujay

    This is more like dancing while holding a pole

  • gubergieger

    If all it does is grind the pole and look around awkwardly, the guy who made this obviously hasn't been to a club.

  • It would be sexier if it had more than one move... and if it wasn't a robot.

  • thatcando

    bright eyes baby!

  • The truth is, they presented it dancing to cover some classified military ops - it's not a pole dancer, but a killer drone! I bet it runs on Skynet v or something...

  • Jadis

    Bender would love this. 

  • Nathan Taylor

    Geth strip club

  • I've seen sexier vacuum cleaners.
    They could probably pole dance better too.

  • thebobenna

    Wouldn't making "security sexy" require something sexy?

  • Rayn_A

    I've always found flood lights arousing - thank god someone strapped tits and an ass onto one. My life is now complete. What's sad is that thing does better pole work than most of the girls at my local strip club. 

  • I find it somewhat ironic how it's easier to build a computer capable of beating a master in a chess-playing contest, than it is to build a robot capable of beating a stripper in a pole-dancing contest.

  • Asperflux

    Long last the Robots!

    This is so degrading

  • hot ;)

    jk gw

    this is a sin

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