Not-Too-Bad Fan-Made Superman Vs. Hulk Animation

March 8, 2012


Animator Michael Habjan had a dream. A dream of seeing Superman battle The Hulk. So what did he do? What any normal person would, not write it down and then forget about it by mid-morning animate that shit himself! And this is it! Me? I only have dreams about people trying to kill me and having to kill them first before they do. They....are eerily realistic. "You killed a neighbor sleepwalking, didn't you?" HE HAD SNAKES FOR ARMS.

Hit the jump for the superhero on superhero action.

Superman vs. The Hulk of the Day []

Thanks to Mark and Sindee, who agree a little Silver Surfer action in there wouldn't have killed anybody. Except -- EXCEPT -- Superman and The Hulk. Zoom zoom -- ride the wave to victory, Silver!

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