Microsoft Technology Mustang From West Coast Customs

March 23, 2012


This is a 2012 Mustang with a 1967 Mustang Fastback replica body slapped on it and outfitted with all kinds of Microsoft technology. Want to change the horn to sound like Windows booting up? You can do that (I think). The car features a heads-up display for the driver and one for the passenger with an integrated XBox and internet connectivity so your copilot can play video games while you drive. There's also a touch-screen dashboard so you can switch between different dash skins like a modern one, a replica of a 1967 Mustang's, or just a bunch of nudie pics like I'd opt for.

What's more, when parked, the rear windshield can flip up, turning into a projector screen for playing movies or video games from behind the car. The rear windshield also has a customizable display, giving those in the car the ability to flash custom messages to tailgaters and others.

"So you could say, 'Excuse me, you're following me too close,'" Sandquist said. Or, perhaps, something a little more profane.

West Coast Customs also put the Kinect motion-sensing controllers in the front and rear of the car. Drivers can use the cameras to check out a live video and audio feed of the car's surroundings using their Windows Phone. And if someone gets too close, the driver can tap into the external audio system with a smartphone to tell an onlooker to buzz off.

Using Viper SmartStart app for Windows Phone, drivers can locate the car, as well as unlock it and start it remotely.

Admittedly, that is kinda cool. "Sure -- until it crashes." Oh you're gooooood.

Hit the jump for several closeups and a preview of the West Coast Customs episode airing Sunday.




Microsoft Mustang: How cars would look if the software giant ran Detroit [yahooautos]

Thanks to daniel, who knows a guy who decked out his bicycle with all Apple stuff. Daniel? Please tell me you're not friends with this person.

  • Spray guns can be either automated or hand-held and have
    interchangeable heads to allow for different spray patterns. Single
    color aerosol paint cans are portable and easy to store.

  • what abt the price????

  • The point is that they give the customer what he/she wants they don't keep it.

  • Michael Salmon

    If its Microsoft anyting, imagine how long it will take to start.

  • Chris J Vaughan,etc

  • So does it come with a Blue (Wind)Screen of Death?

  • babamonkey

    the inside of the car looks pretty shit imo. with all that stuff i was expecting full dash integration not just a couple of small touch screens. boring 

  • this is the most awesome fail ever. please ditch the gay ass lights and faggy wheels, this is real life not "rate my ride" on Midnight Club LA.

  • artilleryboy

    its got a windows emblem on the boot/rear bumper/back of the vehicle

  • Driving on the freeway... red ring of death... 52 car pile-up.

  • XanderP

    Funniest thing I've read in a long time, bro.. LOL well done

  • Who puts a classic body on a modern chassis and then sticks an automatic transmission in it?

    I don't consider flat black a boring paint job. Some cars look good in flat. If they ditched the blue lights, added smaller rims with thicker tires, and lowered it that could be an evil looking car.

  • DoubleFish

    Dear T-Mobile, I now officially HATE you, and will NEVER buy anything from your company in the future. EVER.  Your ads are FAR TOO ANNOYING!!

  • There are ads on this website? If only there were something you could do about it...

  • Powered my Microsoft, huh?  So this car can crash in more than one way. Zing!

    Oh wait, GW already said that. Helps to read the whole thing after jump.

  • You should have said something about 'driver' errors.

  • Pewtred

    Maybe install a mac OSX as a great backup for the inevitable crash and burn!

  • Eh, then nothing would be compatible.

  • Chris J Vaughan


  • Title should read "Record number of driver distractions crammed into Mustang with boring paint job."

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