Man, I'd Live In Rapture: New Year's End Bioshock Short

March 26, 2012


This is a Bioshock fan-film called New Year's End. I watched it. Of course, I'd view anything Bioshock related which may explain how I wound up watching 40-minutes of a man-on-man porno after my roommate wrote 'BIOSHORK' real big on the DVD.

Preceding the events of BioShock 1 and 2, this short gives a look at a very significant event in Rapture's history. In the lowest parts of the city, a small group of splicers have something planned that will change the course of Andrew Ryan's vision of utopia.

Best watched in HD fullscreen with the sound up!

Not gonna lie, I did watch it in 240p on mute, so maybe I did it wrong. "You do everything wrong." a giant failure. "Have you ever conside--" ALL THE TIME. "I was gonna say seeking help?" Help? No.

Hit the jump for the return to Rapture.

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Thanks to Jared, the man behind the movie, for not pulling the same stunt my roommate did.

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