LEGIT: 1:15 Scale Back To The Future LEGO DeLorean

March 19, 2012


This is a 1:15 scale time-traveling LEGO DeLorean built by LegoManiac Orion Pax (of LEGO BTTF2 Hill Valley fame). The build is pure LEGO with the exception of a coat of silver spraypaint. I would have just left it flat-grey myself, but I've never built anything remotely decent out of LEGO blocks and usually get so frustrated with the way a project's turning out that I'll purposefully swallow and choke on a piece just so my mom takes them all away from me and I don't feel like such a quitter. Ugh, well of course it sucks -- I wasn't allowed to finish!

Hit the jump for shots from all angles (except underneath).








Orion Pax's Flickr Stream
Dazzling Lego DeLorean [brothersbrick]

Thanks to blaqk_panda, who plans on stealing the little flux capacitor to send his gerbils back to when they were conceived to scar them with the image of their parents doing it so maybe they'll run harder in their little wheel next time.

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