Laser-Cut Plastic Omni-Tool Replica From Mass Effect

March 20, 2012


Seen here being modeled by a VERY attractive bath towel, an Omni-Tool replica created by designer/extreme cosplayer Chris Myles does it's thing. "What is it's thing?" I don't f***ing know, maybe it's hacking some Geth security or something. "It's just sitting there." MAYBE IT EARNED A DAY OFF. "You're mad about the ending, aren't you?" Ha, am I mad about the-- I AM GOING HOME AND GETTING DRUNK.

Hit the jump for a some more including a shot with the omni-blade out, and a link to Chris' Flickr with a bunch more Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed cosplay stuff.




Chris's Flickr (with evne more worthwhile ME and AC cosplay)
Omni-Tool by Chris Myles [rampagedreality]

Thanks to Shane, who built a real-life Omni-Tool using actual holograms. Just kidding, he taped a laser to his arm and cut his fingers off.

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